A blackbird to sing me day

Duthracar, a maic De bi, a ri suthain sen,
bothan derruid dihrabha comad hi mo threab

I wish, O Son of the living God,
O ancient, eternal King,
For a tiny hut in the wilderness
that it may be my dwelling.

A lark to sing me the risen sun
And a blackbird to sing me day,
A whispering stream and a silent pool
To wash all my sins, wash my sins all away

And Twelve good men who are sound and true
To help me to sing to the Lord.
And a pure linen cloth for the altar piece
And candles so bright they will light me the Word.

Grant me the gifts that the earth may bring
That I may gladly take
Raiment and food
Just enough to keep me singing
And praising the Lord of creation.

John Cameron, Missa Celtica, Erato, 1999
To Iona - 1, The Hermit Song : Emmanuel Lawler (Celtic tenor), Chamber Ensemble - 2, Colum’s Voyage : Emmanuel Lawler (Celtic tenor), John Bowley (Latin tenor), New College Choir, English Chamber Orchestra – 3, Adiutor to Iona : John Bowley (Latin tenor), John Anderson (Solo oboe)