Regina delle fate says:
Just in case anyone missed Iveri’s letter to the Georgian President here it is:-
18 May, 2013
Yesterday I was shocked by the president’s clear, black and white statement: “We have been disgraced, what will Europe and the world think of us? We have been trying for so many years and hardly have managed to unite with the European family.”
Mr. President, it is clear that in recent years you have been bending your head to the West, regardless of its good or bad you have been doing it tirelessly, even up to now, but personally I, a person who condemns any kind of violence, having many gay friends and relatives…. yesterday, I was quite proud of the fact how Georgian society spat at the parade, organized by your (and not just your) team. Forgive the nation, because the organizers’ spoon fell not into ashes… but into the substance laying on the bottom of village toilets. If some people, persuaded by you … Frank or John wants to invest in Georgia… let them invest. They, along with our country, can benefit from it, but I am asking you one thing… please, stop vigorous attempts to bring West’s “fecal masses” in the mentality of the people by means of propaganda. Do not try to wrap this mass in beautiful packages, pour Chanel perfume on it and present it to people as if it was something of medical, recreational qualities. No matter how unhappy “friendly West” might become, fortunately, the Georgian people are well aware of what fruits, offered by the West in their menu, to eat and what to discard. Just like my small dog guesses it.
What you can do? Georgian nation is very impolite and violent. They cannot drag a tribune with microphone back and forth, as you can. They cannot use long words and diplomatic speech. Whatever they don’t like, they just break the jaws of it!!!! Often, in certain cases, it is necessary to break the jaws in order to be appreciated as a nation in the future and to be taken into account seriously. Even today, U.S. ambassador said that the people who raided the rally yesterday were against NATO. No, Mr. Ambassador: those, who yesterday raided the rally, are Georgian youth of pure blood, still unspoiled by you. I will never forget a trembling young man, who said in front of TV cameras: “People, 50 thousand men have come out in the street against 50 people, because I have a 5- year-old son at home, and I will not let anyone get away with corrupting his mind.” From my side I would tell you, Mr. Ambassador -- I spat at your NATO, which tells me that first I have to put up with and permit all these and then I will be accepted [in NATO]. There might be 20, 30, or even 100 people like this to please you, but you won’t be able to stoop [the term that is used in the original version means “bending down for anal sex”]) the whole nation to get into NATO! Georgia existed perfectly well for many centuries before creation of US and NATO.
What can you do, Mr. President? You have such an impolite and jaw breaker youth. Probably that’s why we are doing so well in rugby, judo, wrestling, in defending our homeland, and in all manly things that you are often proud of. Georgian man has always been the symbol of bravery and his inseparable attributes were a “Chokha” (Georgian national dress) and a sword. And if you kill all of these senses that they have… then what do you want to achieve? Instead of Irakli, George, Zurab… should we, in the future, hand Tbilisi over to the guys with Louis Vuitton bags? Dolce&Gabana shoes? Christian Audigier shirts? Nail-polished Ikakos, Gikakos and Zukakos [Georgian names with diminutive suffixes] with L’Oreal gel-styled hair? And by increasing the number of these masses of people are you going to strengthen the army, win rugby games and wrestling Olympiads, send troops to Afghanistan and finally, fight back Sokhumi and Tskhinvali [cities in Georgia's breakaway regions]? You know very well that this category of boys would rather go to Saint-Tropez and relax on the beaches of Nice rather than fight for Sokhumi.
Instead of protecting these kinds of rallies with your teeth… why don’t you organize the parades and events that would refresh and relax people? Copy good things from Europe, for example, the Health Day, when a marathon would be held, Rustaveli Avenue and Freedom Square would be blocked and stores would sell only healthy food and the sports equipment. Children’s Day, when lots of toys and food would be brought to the store shelves, events, attractions… Mickey Mouse or other big toys, outdoor children’s performances to entertain kids. Let’s organize grand Opernballs in theaters, just like in Europe, for which people prepare throughout the whole year. They buy beautiful long evening gowns, men wear white ties and smockings at big events at opera, accompanied by Strauss Waltz and gala concerts…. in cabs, they would enter the theater on red carpet and enjoy the evening, dancing, seeing each other, enjoying concerts and the buffet. Also, it would be nice, to have an annual “Retro Day”, where everyone would wear Chokhas in the center of the city, there would be Kharachokhels, Kintos, retro tables, horses, carriages, TV Shows would only broadcast historical programs… so that, somehow, the people and the youth…. would feel themselves in the era of Ilia [Chavchavadze] and Akaki [Tsereteli]. Additionally, animal exhibitions, competitions, attractions. Many might think I’ve started dreaming silly, but let’s use those millions to make people’s lives diverse and slightly more beautiful, and not for projects that are dropped in dust in 2 days, just like butterflies, or not for facilitating this kind of parades. However…. kind projects unite people, but of course something that intrigues people and sparks aggression is more beneficial. My gay friends in Georgia have full comfort from me and from the society. They are not limited in any way. Moreover, they have much more subtle, refined taste and character and manners than the Georgian boys have, but… It is actually a sexual deviation and in our Orthodox country, which has a very deep and long history, it does not need parades, fireworks, balloons, agitation/propaganda and chanting that we are very civilized, modern and COOL people. This devastates the fragile nature of children, especially, as by medical perspective – out of the 50 people maximum three are born gay. For others it is acquired because of following the trend or because of entering some kind of groups of people.
Once again, I state with regret whatever happened yesterday. Of course, there is no justification for violence. Priest’s place, as I believe, is in a church, however, the fact is that cancer metastases need to be removed in the beginning of the process and any possible ways to do so are accepted in medicine. If you ignore it today…. tomorrow they will demand same-sex marriages, the day after tomorrow they will require rights for adoption. And I really do not want Georgia, a place that I am always happy to visit, to resemble certain blocks of Amsterdam. Mr. President, you are a father of two boys, and probably you want your boys to make you proud in a manly manner (or excuse me, but who knows, maybe you with your family, have traveled to the Netherlands’ and Amsterdam’s red light districts so many times that you might accept your boys’ “deviated” decision calmly with full- tolerance). Your family is your castle, of course, but Georgian traditional families do not think so and, please, do not damage people’s mentality and don’t shove fecal masses coming from the West with table spoons in people’s mouths. Some people achieved what they wanted. Because of 50 screaming “paraders”… people have started writing inadequate comments on this site: “I do not want to be an Orthodox,” “I will not go to the church with these priests”, “I should become Catholic” and similar
statements. Yes, they reached the goal, and I condemn the Georgians, who because of 50, even raided “paraders”, go against their religion. There should not be any place in the Orthodox world for this kind of soul-hesitant people. Everyone forgive me if this status is too “impudent and loud”. Where appropriate, nobody can teach me how to talk diplomatically. For those who are angry with me … I will end this status with the great Ilia’s poem:
“They say about me: he speaks bad about Georgia,He is not hiding our bad sides -- this is a clear hatred!This is what fools say; but a good heart will understand immediately How much love is in this hatred!”Respectfully,
Tamar Iveri

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