Christine Boutin, President of Honor of French traditionalist christian party and former minister, talked to the political magazine Charles about sexuality, seduction and politics.

The result is a surprising attempt to counter stereotypes on conservatism and sexuality.

Christine Boutin, former Minister of Housing during Nicolas Sarkozy’s mandate, has been an iconic figure of the struggle against same-sex marriage in France. In a long interview with Charles, a political magazine, she talks about her own relation to sexuality, homosexuality and politics.

The Christian leader evoked her faith in God, and the importance it has in her life. However, she tried to break away from the traditional image of religion and sexuality.

“People think I am a woman of another age, but I am like everyone else,” she said, “I love life. Sexuality is part of human nature, and I have never said: put your chastity belt on! On the contrary!”

She also responded to numerous and repeated attacks regarding her marriage with her first cousin Louis Boutin “I don’t see the problem with marrying one’s first cousin. The Republic and my religion don’t forbid it. It has been a while since I don’t consider him as my cousin anymore.”

Indeed, even if it can sound surprising, Christine Boutin is right. However, as some observers have noticed, some of her remarks are on the limit of legality.

She was asked about homosexuality, and claimed “I have never condemned a homosexual person. I think homosexuality is an abomination. But not the person. The sin is never acceptable, but the sinner is always forgiven.” And she added, “I have homosexual friends myself. They are sinners indeed. […] But I will never encourage sins.”