In Gay We Trust

Witches must be burnt! 
FEMEN is facing one more trial for blasphemy! We were informed by Convocation about the process against FEMEN activists that were participating demonstration on 18th of November 2012 "In Gay we trust". To remind all, this is exactly that demonstration when 10 FEMEN activists and journalists were brutally beaten up by religious fanatics from Civitas.
The text of convocation is hillarious and doesn't sound realistic for the document made in France 2014. But it's real!
So, here we go: FEMEN activists are accused of insulting people (here members of Civitas) in the street (during demonstration) with words "in gay we trust", "fuck church", "holly sperm"!
For the brutality and violence that is expressed in those slogans of FEMEN, Activists will answer in front of the judge 18th of February 2014.
We remind that the next day FEMEN witches might be burnt during the trial with Notre Dame that will be happening on February 19!
Viva inquisition 2014 in France!