Just right now FEMEN's angel of Death held a mono-protest on the altar of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in the same place of yesterday's suicide of fascist activist. On the body of sextremist with the plastic gun was written the prophecy "May fascism rest in hell." Thus, FEMEN calls upon all European Nazism, in the face of all their underhitlers and halfmussolini, to follow the example of the ultra-right man Dominique Venner and immediately commit a suicide of their believes excluding theirselves from the political arena in Europe. Hurry up, there is not so much place left on the sacrificial altar of Notre-Dame de Paris! FEMEN calls for society to condemn the immoral act of moronic grandfather, who made his rotten brain in front of an audience of fifteen hundred people! FEMEN calls the cathedral to check an inventory of property for damage and to sue the French nationalist leader Marine Le Pen who warmly supported this public suicide.

After action "MAY FASCISM REST IN HELL" Cathedral Notre Dame was evacuated and closed for fifteen minutes. FEMEN angel of death is still in custody.