La militante homophobe du Petit Journal

The Winner of the week, maybe of the year

- If one of your children became homosexual, for example, what would your reaction be? 
- Bah... I would suffer and I would try find people for a healing, because it is a suffering... also for them, yes...
- It's like... a disease? 
- Yes, a bit... it's... against nature. I would whole heartedly hope that they can get healed.
- But you have nothing against homosexuals? 
- No, no, because when I was ten it was a man who taught me to knit, my mom didn't teach me to knit... she didn't know... and I have very good memories, but it was against nature, I remember that always...
- What do you think about society nowadays?
- Ohlala thats' decadence, if that law is voted, we'll attract a condemnation over our society, the wrath of God will unleash on France...