Under the veil

Ulysses Recognized by his Dog, Jean Chartier after Primaticcio

In this way I have come to recognize that little is as it seems. Before I learned of pre-birth contracts, I took much of life at face value. But now, having spoken with Jon, I understand that a soul may choose to experience AIDS so that I and many others may grow in tolerance. Having talked with Pat, I realize that an individual may plan alcoholism to reclaim his spirituality. Having learned from Sharon, I look at the unfailing love of so many mothers and fathers and wonder: Did you and your child plan a drug addiction to show us what love looks like? And where I've judged, I now see a divine order to and in everything. Where I've seen flaw, I now see perfection—the perfection of lives unfolding just as we planned them. Such unfolding is evident not only in our challenges, but also in the most minute, seemingly insignificant aspects of life. Each leaf that falls from a tree, each blade of grass that bends in the wind ... nothing happens by chance, and all is in divine order. Always.

Robert Schwartz, Courageous souls Your Soul's Plan