Goltzius & the Pelican Company

We are interested in six sexual taboos. Surely in this day and age -- criminal offences -- and surely in any age -- culpable sins?


Sin 1:VOYEURISM The first sin and possible crime is Voyeurism. You must of course ask yourself -- what in fact will this Colmar audience be doing now -- what in fact are you doing now? Is the theatre the legitimate place where we permit ourselves to be licensed voyeurs?

Sin 2: INCEST The second sexual prohibition of our intended dramatised six is incest. The other taboos may be considered crimes and sins against society, this taboo shrieks out her objection in deficient progeny and infertility.


Sin 3: ADULTERY Here then was the exposition of the third sexual taboo -- adultery -- crime against property. Nature could not care less about the proposition of adultery -- a child is a child however conceived -- and Nature has succeeded with adultery admirably -- since it is accompanied by extremes of excitement that augur well for a successful outcome -- a child.

Sin 4: PAEDOPHILIA Our next and fourth sexual taboo is seduction of the young, which is a crime against innocence and a naked demonstration of power.


PROSTITUTION The fifth sexual taboo -- prostitution - love exchanged for money. Accompanied here by treachery.


NECROPHILIA The sixth sexual taboo -- necrophilia. Am I to see Salome' s love of the dead?

Peter Greenaway, Goltzius & the Pelican Company, 2012