Everyone is Different

Among the graves

This evening I tought I was loosing you

You told me : Speak to me
And speek to me again
One still can hear hours after death
Let the spirit fly away
Return to the stars
Let my body slip
And melt into the astral
There where I meet you again
It is forever
There where I meet you again
It is to stay with you forever
So why are you rumbling
Like a dark summernight
What are you seeking for, what shadow
At night among the graves
You told me : Smile to me
And smile to me again
Cause one still can see hours after death
To love the answer will always be love
Like a door broken through
A river flowing through
Let the spirit fly away
Return to the stars
Let my body slip
And melt into the astral
There where I’ll wait  for you
Is a perfect world
There where I’ll wait for you
Neither suffering nor regrets
So why are you rumbling
Like a dark summernight
What are you seeking for, what shadow
At night among the graves
You told me : Smile to me
And smile to me again
Cause one still can see hours after death
So why are you rumbling
Like a dark summernight
What are you seeking for, what shadow
At night among the graves
You told me : Smile to me
And smile to me again
Cause one still can see hours after death
You told me : Speak to me
And speak to me again
Speak to me


Under the veil

Ulysses Recognized by his Dog, Jean Chartier after Primaticcio

In this way I have come to recognize that little is as it seems. Before I learned of pre-birth contracts, I took much of life at face value. But now, having spoken with Jon, I understand that a soul may choose to experience AIDS so that I and many others may grow in tolerance. Having talked with Pat, I realize that an individual may plan alcoholism to reclaim his spirituality. Having learned from Sharon, I look at the unfailing love of so many mothers and fathers and wonder: Did you and your child plan a drug addiction to show us what love looks like? And where I've judged, I now see a divine order to and in everything. Where I've seen flaw, I now see perfection—the perfection of lives unfolding just as we planned them. Such unfolding is evident not only in our challenges, but also in the most minute, seemingly insignificant aspects of life. Each leaf that falls from a tree, each blade of grass that bends in the wind ... nothing happens by chance, and all is in divine order. Always.

Robert Schwartz, Courageous souls Your Soul's Plan






Funny Girl


A Bruges Un portail

Fernand Khnopff, A Bruges Un portail, 1904

How Deep


Mother and Child

Lyrics by Marilyn & Alan Bergman; music by Michel Legrand

For a little face, that's the biggest yawn
Look at teddy bear yawning, too
All those animals sleeping in your bed
Do you really think there'll be room for you?
Time to tuck you in, warm and cozy-like
Are you comfortable, little lamb?
Such a sleepy smile you must surely know
All the lovely things you'll be dreaming of
Swinging tree top high, sliding belly down
Eating jelly beans to your heart's delight
In a fairy tale in a wonderland through the night...

I hope that she forgets and leaves my door open
So I can have a little light from the hallway
If I can hear them talking, If I can hear them laughing
I know I won't be frightened, maybe
At night I know that's just my chair, the nice red one
But it looks different than it looks in the daytime
Sometimes I think it's moving, a big enormous monster
A dinosaur or dragon maybe
I close my eyes and there are ghosts and witches
I'm scared a wicked witch will eat me
Oh, how I wish it wasn't always dark at night...

Both sing same parts, dueting



When I think of home, I think of a place 
Where there's love overflowing 
I wish I were home, I wish I was back there 
With the things I've been knowin' 
Wind that makes the tall trees bend into leaning 
Suddenly the snowflakes that fall have a meaning 
Sprinkling the sea 
Makes it all clean 
Maybe there's a way for me to go back 
Now that I have some direction 
It would sure be nice to back home 
Where there's love and affection 
And just maybe I can convince time to slow up 
Giving me enough time in my life to grow up 
Time be my friend 
Let me start again 
Suddenly my world's gone and changed its face 
But I still know where I'm goin' 
I have had my mind spun around in space 
And yet I've watched it growin' 
If you're listening God, please don't make it hard to go 
If we should believe the things that we see 
Tell us should we run away, should we try and stay? 
Or is better just to let things be? 
Living here in this brand new world might be a fantasy 
But it's taught me to love so it's real to me 
And I've learned that we must look inside our hearts to find 
A world full of love like yours an dmine 
Like Home


Diana Ross (Dorothy), Home, The Wiz, Sidney Lumet, 1978

The Revelation of the Pyramids

Jusqu'au bout du monde

Joel-Peter Witkin, Beauty Has 3 Nipples, 1998


Uriel Forever

The Young Professionals



Goltzius & the Pelican Company

We are interested in six sexual taboos. Surely in this day and age -- criminal offences -- and surely in any age -- culpable sins?


Sin 1:VOYEURISM The first sin and possible crime is Voyeurism. You must of course ask yourself -- what in fact will this Colmar audience be doing now -- what in fact are you doing now? Is the theatre the legitimate place where we permit ourselves to be licensed voyeurs?

Sin 2: INCEST The second sexual prohibition of our intended dramatised six is incest. The other taboos may be considered crimes and sins against society, this taboo shrieks out her objection in deficient progeny and infertility.


Sin 3: ADULTERY Here then was the exposition of the third sexual taboo -- adultery -- crime against property. Nature could not care less about the proposition of adultery -- a child is a child however conceived -- and Nature has succeeded with adultery admirably -- since it is accompanied by extremes of excitement that augur well for a successful outcome -- a child.

Sin 4: PAEDOPHILIA Our next and fourth sexual taboo is seduction of the young, which is a crime against innocence and a naked demonstration of power.


PROSTITUTION The fifth sexual taboo -- prostitution - love exchanged for money. Accompanied here by treachery.


NECROPHILIA The sixth sexual taboo -- necrophilia. Am I to see Salome' s love of the dead?

Peter Greenaway, Goltzius & the Pelican Company, 2012


- Why did Sharon and Tony choose to incarnate in the United States at this time in history? 
- There are many opportunities for them to experience their own limitations, as well as to expand awareness, both for themselves and others around them. This is a time for exponential growth in your realm. Many who have chosen to incarnate at this time are finishing the reincarnation cycles and becoming ready to move on to other realms. 
- Why are there more opportunities to experience limitation now than at other times, either in the past or in the future? 
- The planet is experiencing a systems breakdown. At those points in time when old systems break down, chaos is created. Chaos is a component—a very necessary component—of limitation and growth. It is perhaps the most fertile space in which to learn. 

- Pourquoi Sharon et Tony ont-ils arrêté leur choix sur les Etats-Unis à cette époque-ci ? 
- Il y a d’infinies possibilités pour eux de tester leurs limitations et aussi d’ "expanser" leur conscience tant pour eux-mêmes que pour leur entourage. Les temps sont venus dans votre sphère pour une croissance exponentielle. Quantités de ceux qui ont choisi de s’incarner maintenant bouclent le cycle des réincarnations et se préparent à partir dans d’autres mondes. 
- Pourquoi, poursuivis-je, avons-nous actuellement plus d’opportunités de connaître la limitation qu’en d’autres temps passés ou futurs ? 
- La planète voit s’écrouler tous les systèmes. Il y a des moments spécifiques dans le temps où les anciennes structures s’effondrent, générant le chas. Le chaos est une composante absolument nécessaire de la limitation et de l’évolution. Il s’agit probablement de l’espace le plus fécond à l’apprentissage.

Robert Schwartz, Courageous souls Your Soul's Plan Ames courageuses


Abelardo Morell


Anastasia's Wedding

Private thoughts

"All things that are situations of learning, all emotions, all wisdom that one individual creates for themselves [on Earth] is brought to others in your realm and also moves throughout the dimensions. Nothing is done, nothing is said, nothing is thought that does not create a ripple effect outward from the being itself through emotional vibration that moves through all of the dimensions. This is not clearly understood in the human brain and is information that may not be taken in on some levels. We, however, choose to share it with you."

In all the sessions, nonphysical beings offer much important information. Yet certain moments stand out to me as the dispensing of particularly vital wisdom. This was one such moment. The angels had just described the awesome responsibility—and opportunity— borne by each human being. We are responsible for everything we do, say, and think. That responsibility becomes infinitely more profound when we realize that every action, word, and thought affects every other being—not only on Earth, but also throughout the entire cosmos. How often, I thought, do we feel insignificant or powerless? If this truth were understood, no one would feel that way ever again. And we would strive to express love and only love in every moment, including in our “private” thoughts. 

"Tout ce qui suppose des enseignements, toutes les émotions, toute la sagesse qu’un individu crée pour lui-même sur la Terre est à la disposition de tous dans toutes les dimensions. Rien n’est fait, dit ou pensé qui ne génère un effet de vague – comme un caillou qu’on lance dans une mare - à partir de l’âtre lui-même au travers d’une vibration émotionnelle qui se répercute dans l’ensemble des dimensions. C’est une information qui n’est pas clairement comprise par le cerveau humain et ne peut as être assimilée à certains niveaux. Nous choisissons cependant de vous la faire partager."

Dans toutes les séances, les êtres non-physiques offrent beaucoup d’éléments déterminants mais certains se distinguent, pour moi, comme marqués du sceau de la plus haute sagesse. C’était un de ceux-là. Les anges venaient juste de souligner la responsabilité considérable – et l’opportunité – propre à chaque être humain. Nous sommes responsables de tout ce que nous faisons, disons et pensons et cette responsabilité devient plus importante encore quand nous comprenons que chaque action, chaque mot et chaque pensée influencent autrui – non seulement sur la Terre mais dans le cosmos tout entier ! Et dire que le plus souvent nous nous sentons insignifiants et impuissants… Si cette réalité était bien comprise, personne jamais ne se sentirait ainsi. Au lieu de cela, nous nous efforcerions d’exprimer uniquement de l’amour, à chaque instant, et ce, même dans nos pensées les plus "intimes".

Robert Schwartz, Courageous souls Your Soul's Plan Ames courageuses



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