New words today

Look up there, high above us
In a sky of blackest silk;
See how round, like a cookie
See how white, as white as milk;
Call it the moon, my son, say moon
Sounds like your spoon, my son, can you say it;
New word today, say moon.
Near the moon, brightly turning
See the shining sparks of light;
Each one new, each one burning
Through the darkness of the night;
We call them stars, my son, say stars
That one is Mars, my son, can you say it;
New word today, say stars.
As they blink all around us
Playing starry eyed games;
Who would think it astounds us
Simply naming their names.
Turn your eyes from the skies now
Turn around and look at me;
There's a light in my eyes now
And a word for what you see;
We call it love, my son, say love
So hard to say, my son, it gets harder.
New words today, we'll learn to say
Learn moon, learn stars, learn love.

* Mandy Patinkin, New Words, Kidults, 2001
New Words, In The Beginning, Maury Yeston, 1987
* The Elephant Man, David Lynch, 1980