Love is a treasure

There might’ve been bright day light. It could’ve happened in the middle of the night. All I remember is my dream. My dream becoming real. Our love sealed by this kiss. My bliss just shining like a star and floating in the air over le Pont des Arts. Paris, that very day and how it felt inside… so strong and yet so quiet. Very deep in my heart, just what it meant to me, and how his love for me had made it all alive. Statues turning their heads to follow my steps. Bridges over the seine almost bending their backs. The river like a dancing ribbon under the light blue sky. The café’s coloured blinds joyfully waving as if they were flags. I remember his letter, his writing fine and swift. His message like a present, every word like a gift. Now where ever you are, it feels like too far. So, I’ll be waiting in an hour right accros le Pont des Arts.

I know that I did try somehow to slow my path hoping to catch a glimpse of him waiting to take me in his arms. But then it was too strong, he called me with his smile. There was this gentle wind leading me towards him. I heard a voice inside; no lunger run, but fly. For love can’t wait. Love is precious. Love is far above pleasure. Love is a treasure.

Love is a treasure by Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet for Trésor de Lancôme by Peter Lindbergh